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Big Data and Analytics

At INTEGSSOFT we provide you with projects that allow you to analyze your data to obtain a better overview for decision-making or strategic business movements, making the most of these. Also, by monitoring your information you will be able to provide visibility as your network evolves faster.

Business Processes

We have extensive experience in the best practices of business processes since we apply the models proposed by the TM Forum framework (eTOM, TAM, SID), which help us guide our clients in application change and update projects.

Within the constant change of the Telecommunications Industry, at INTEGSSOFT we provide digital solutions with extensive experience. 

We provide support to companies when they require changes demanded by the market, while giving a professional and updated approach.


Join this new phase of the Industrial Revolution.

With our expertise in interconnectivity and real-time data collection and presentation, you can manage and optimize your supply chain, implement predictive maintenance, and automate decisions on the production line.

4.X Industry

Our development and consulting services in this field allow you to increase productivity, and reduce human errors and rework. Through AI it is possible to automate routine tasks related to data, such as its integration and administration. In addition to all data processing, Artificial Intelligence also allows reviewing quality problems or inconsistencies in the same data.


Knowing which information to store and which to discard is a very recurrent problem in the management tasks of any business, especially in those in which the volume of data is very extensive. AI helps make these decisions, analyzing the patterns of use of data, thus recommending optimal strategies for its management and storage.

Artificial Intelligence

At INTEGSSOFT we have a solid knowledge of the challenges that the transition from traditional systems to

the most common cloud service models, such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS carries. Together with our partners,

we can develop a solution with infrastructure in the cloud.   


- IaaS: Infrastructure as a service. It is generally billed on a pay-per-use basis, which can save costs while scaling up and down as needed. 

- SaaS: Software as a service. Manage your applications and the services it develops, at INTEGSSOFT we take care of the rest.

- PaaS: Platform as a service. It is an ideal model for a complete implementation and development environment in the cloud.


At INTEGSSOFT we help you work with your data. 

It is a discipline of Artificial Intelligence. Normally companies have a lot of customer data: seniority, contracted plans, daily consumption, monthly calls to customer service, latest changes in contracted plans, but surely they use them only to bill and to generate statistics. What else can you do with those data? They can be used to predict when a customer is going to unsubscribe and manage the best action to prevent it.


Simply put, with Machine Learning you can go from being reactive to being proactive. The historical data of all the clients, duly organized and treated as a block, generate a database that can be exploited to predict future behaviors, favor those that improve business objectives and avoid those that are harmful.

Machine Learning

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